About us

QThink helps organisations and companies to understand their information processes and needs, and to reorganise their processes, structures and tools when needed. Regardless of their sector, efficient handling of and access to information is essential to all organisations for proper planning, decision making and other factors that lead to operational excellence.

Our passion is to analyse and understand complex situations and demands, and provide proper overview and clear understanding. We propose solutions that really support the organisation and its workers in their day to day demands and long term goals.

We find that various stakeholders and workers in an organisation are often somewhat fixed in their scope of the process. Faced with the challenges of their tasks and the tools available to them, they find little or no opportunities for improvements to the overall processes. We can connect all views and knowledge in a complete and clear overview, propose solutions to challenges and support the organisation in realising those solutions. Broadening the scope of everyone involved, unlocking potential of people and IT.

We have extensive experience with the demands and modes of communication of various stakeholders in all levels of an organisation, from the board and department executives, sales personnel, information workers, trainers, system administrators, support personnel et cetera. We can connect ideas and knowledge throughout your organisation.