Sometimes people ask about the name QThink. The main part for us is the word “Think”. We found that a little bit more thinking improves the outcome, duration and cost of almost any project. Especially when sufficient thinking is done at the early stages.

We have participated in some projects where the business stakeholder dictated focus on quick results. No time was allowed for thinking and reflection, all effort was focused on immediate results. In the end, no one was really happy with the results. Although in the agile world quick results are highly desirable, a little bit more thinking, analysing and planning would have saved these projects.

Think first, then act.

The letter Q was added because in Dutch (our mother tongue); no originally native words have that letter. So it’s a bit magical to the Dutch. And the shape looks nice too… So let us Think more, and get a bit of Q:

  • quicker projects
  • quality results
  • quiescence, peace of mind